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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Our Values

SugarShopper Values Statement

At SugarShopper we are committed to respect and honor the people in our communities, as well as wildlife and the natural world we are a part of. We believe in the need to:

  • Support, encourage, and enable women to be strong, capable individuals confident in their ability to contribute to society;
  • Oppose violence in all of its devastating forms from the deeply personal to the broadly societal;
  • Protect and nurture children as they grow to independent, responsible adults;
  • Feed and house the homeless who struggle daily with basic survival and foster longer-term solutions like counselling, drug treatment, and job re-training;
  • Shelter and care for abandoned, abused, and endangered animals both domestic and wild.

These values guide us in our mission as a corporation, in our business affiliations, the nonprofits we work with, and our public statements as part of the wider community.